The Seed Bead--Shorty


The Seed Bead is a bright, multi-colored scarf in the smaller 26"x26" Shorty size because of its versatility. This Wild Rag is 100% 12mm satin silk. The Seed Bead uses just that, seed bead artwork.

Skulls, thunderbirds and buffalo are placed throughout, with an Aztec border to finish off the edges. Bright colors muted with just a touch of antiquing, this scarf can be worked into any color scheme!

  • SIZE: 26" x 26" (The Shorty)
  • FABRIC: 100% 12mm Satin Silk
  • COLOR: Multi-colored
  • CARE SUGGESTION: Dry clean preferred. Iron on silk setting or use steamer.
  • 1"x1" Fringe logo on center edge

Fringe Brand

Tips: Wrap this Shorty around twice or wrap once and tie in a square knot and let it hang down the center or move knot to the side. Just have fun and "...tie one on!"

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